Spice up your fashion with winter’s official colors

    Every year, fashion experts and researchers, like Vogue and Pantone, observe trends in fashion from street style to couture to find the “colors of the season”. This year, according to Pantone, the official colors are Red Pear, Valiant Poppy, Nebulas Blue, Ceylon Yellow, Martini Olive, Russet Orange, Ultra Violet, Crocus Petal, Limelight and Quetzal Green (seen below).

    So why should you care about this season’s colors? Knowing that these vibrant and different colors are in-style makes stepping out from the gray, dark blue and black wardrobe a lot easier. To make your life even simpler, I’ve selected a few clothing items and accessories that match this year’s colors and can help in the rough Evanstonian winters.

    Red Poppy:

    Ever since I saw a picture of Meghan Markle in a Burgundy coat last week, this item jumped to number one on my shopping list. If the same happened to you, check out this red poppy-colored coat from Uniqlo. This coat is simple, elegant and would be a great overcoat for any number of layers.

    Valliant Poppy:

    This H&M puffer jacket blends two trends – teddy jackets and the valliant poppy color, all into one. This jacket will not only make you the most stylish person in class, but will stand out amongst the black and blue jackets most students are wearing.

    Nebulas Blue:

    I strongly believe that sweaters are underestimated and not talked about enough. Though we talk about boots and parkas all the time, sweaters are usually ignored or forgotten. The truth is that everyone needs a good sweater – many good sweaters in fact. That’s why I chose this Nebulas Blue sweater; it’s simple, trendy and can provide a fundamental layer of warmth to any look.

    Ceylon Yellow:

    Also in the spirit of stepping out of the box in winter fashion, how about stepping out of solids and trying on some prints? This Ceylon Yellow scarf could do just that. By pairing this scarf with an all-black look, for example, you make the whole outfit unique and fashionable.

    Martini Olive:

    Once again, I continue with my argument that sweaters are essential for winter fashion. Just like the sweater in blue, this Martini Olive sweater will also keep you warm outside while making you very chic and stylish when indoors.

    Russet Orange:

    Though it is my favorite color of all-time, I must confess that orange is not an easy color to wear while staying on trend. But, this is less of a problem if you use orange, like in this Russet Orange scarf, as an accessory and the statement piece in an outfit. By doing so, you’re using this bright color to make your look stand out without it looking too flashy.

    Ultra Violet:

    As I previously mentioned, puffer jackets are very “in” right now. Combining that with the fact that Ultra Violet is basically Northwestern’s signature purple, I deemed this Purple-Pride-Ultra-Violet puffer jacket to be extremely fitting for the occasion. Any Wildcat would undoubtedly attract some attention in one of these.

    Crocus Petal:

    But, if you are a shier and more discreet Wildcat, this Crocus Petal fur faux coat can also make your Purple Pride shine through in a less vibrant way. Though it is definitely fashionably adventurous, one can never


    Continuing on with the collection of sweaters, this Limelight-colored cropped sweater, will make you warm and fashion-forward all at the same time.

    Quetzal Green:

    Lastly, there’s this Quetzal Green padded jacket that will certainly warm you up in the cold and leave you feeling like the most fashionable person in class.

    I hope that this article has motivated you to try new colors and alternatives when it comes to winter fashion. Though wearing black everyday is easy, taking a risk with some of these trendy and different colors will elevate your style and spice up your cold-weather wardrobe.


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