Inspired by Sound: Once forever and always
    This is part of our series called “Inspired By Sound,” where writers use a song as the muse for their story. This piece by Carly Menker takes influence from "Forever and Always" by Taylor Swift.

    You were something so constant

    Something I never thought

    Wouldn’t be there

    In my life

    In the words

    In the pictures

    In the lines of my story

    I feel you forget me

    The way I used to feel you breathe

    The way you held me

    Close to your chest





    You’ve erased me

    But with every piece of me

    Each pixel, charcoal dot, ink speck

    You erase a piece of you too

    You can’t unsmooth a crumpled paper

    You can’t get back what you’ve washed away

    You can’t wish

    That you can write yourself back in one day

    The dust has settled

    The magic has faded away

    You once swept me off my feet

    But now I hit the ground running

    Long gone is us

    A shadow of what we used to be

    You there

    Me here

    Equally focused

    Separately surviving


    To silence


    To nothing

    You shattered me

    You hurt me

    Smashed me

    Into a million transparent shards

    Glittering on the hardwood floor

    Yet You taught me how to rebuild

    When fractured glass is in a circle surrounding you

    You need to pick up the pieces

    Mend them back together

    To something more beautiful than what they once were

    And that’s exactly what I did.


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