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    What is your favorite constellation?

    I feel like there’s another life in here

    Written between lines

    Of diamonds your mother wore once,

    Carried on her fingers and


    You asked me to look up

    And choose.

    Boyish laugh,

    So light, like when the

    Sun hits your brown eyes

    They warm my palms.

    Remember when I cupped

    Your cheeks

    As you cried to disappear?

    You are still here

    I have a secret

    I do not have a favorite.

    The sky looks like

    Like bleeding watercolors

    In the mason jar beside my desk.

    I could’ve sworn you were somebody else

    I know you as if you have been the scar on my hip for the past 18 years

    I know you somehow

    As if maybe every time I looked up to search for constellations I was never truly meant to find anything

    I was there to breathe in all of its brash wishes

    The kind that were never answered because they were seemingly so small,

    They fell through the jasper stones of heaven’s floor

    Down to our little purgatory

    Where the rain hits your eyelashes in the most elegant way

    I forget to bite away my laughter

    Because sometimes the noises vanish

    Into quiet nights.

    The stars really do gather them,

    Hunting for something divine

    Something glorious

    I had wished for the same thing

    Three years in a row

    And it never came true

    I wonder if I secretly know how quickly my wishes could collapse

    That they probably never made it to the star in time

    And somebody else felt its edges first.

    I know not to rely too heavily on the home of hopes

    And nostalgia I buried within you

    But I have never felt such a devotion to cause.

    The freckles on your nose

    Look like scribbles when I connect them all with my fingertip

    There is absolutely no clear picture to be created by any of this

    But I am content,

    I look up and I see you,

    Yes, my love,

    I am content.


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