Any member of the Northwestern undergraduate student community may join North by Northwestern.

(At present, we welcome contributions from Northwestern's graduate student community, but we're not quite sure we'll be able to include graduate students effectively.)

Each team at North by Northwestern has slightly different policies regarding joining the team, but we've outlined the teams and how to get started below.

The online publishes stories daily for the first nine weeks of the academic quarter, as defined by the Northwestern University academic calendar.

Each section meets at least weekly at the direction of the section editors. 

Undergraduate students at Northwestern are welcome to join the editorial team at at any time during the publishing schedule.

Simply reach out to the section editors, or join in any section meetings. Or reach out to the Editor in Chief at to learn more about the editorial team.

North by Northwestern magazine

The North by Northwestern magazine prints three issues a year under the editorial leadership of the Print Managing Editor, and the work of the magazine's own editorial and design teams. 

Because the magazine's stories usually take longer to report and write, we do have an application process to join the magazine.

Applications to join the magazine team are open after the election of the Print Managing Editor for the next issue in the quarter prior, and generally close at the end of the quarter.

Reach out to the Print Managing Editor at to learn more about the magazine's editorial and design teams.

NFP Corporate

The corporate team of North by Northwestern provides business and administrative support to the editorial teams to further our ongoing mission to providing a framework for journalism experimentation.

Portfolios of responsibility are available by interest — we're always looking for more people with varied interests and experiences, and we could also do with a variety of opinions and initiatives.

Reach out the Director of Operations at if you are interested in joining corporate.