About northbynorthwestern.com

The northbynorthwestern.com online publishes stories daily for the first nine weeks of the academic quarter, as defined by the Northwestern University academic calendar.

Each section meets at least weekly at the direction of the section editors. 

Undergraduate students at Northwestern are welcome to join the editorial team at northbynorthwestern.com at any time during the publishing schedule.

Simply reach out to the section editors, or join in any section meetings. Or reach out to the Editor in Chief at editor@northbynorthwestern.com to learn more about the northbynorthwestern.com editorial team.


Section meetings: Sundays, 5:00 p.m., MFC 2nd floor

The mission of News is to provide up-to-date coverage of Northwestern related events to members of the Northwestern community, giving unique takes on NU stories from on campus, around Chicago and around the world.

Readers come to News for “Northwestern-centric” coverage, and it is our mission both to provide a new perspective on well-covered events and to seek out and report compelling news stories for exclusive coverage.


Isabella Jiao

Features sets North by Northwestern apart from all other on-campus publications by embracing the freedom (in terms of both word count and a slightly longer deadline) to explore Northwestern-related issues to greater depth and width and recount stories as complete as possible from different angles.

Life and Style

Section meetings: Sundays, 3:30 p.m., MFC 2nd floor

The Life and Style section is meant to cover fashion, fitness, sports, sex, food, and other relevant, cultural trends in an inviting, honest tone for the Northwestern community.

Life and Style is the sassy, smart best friend who can answer your embarrassing sex questions, suggest a cool restaurant for a night out, or crack you up with realistic stories about the terrors of holiday shopping.


Section meetings: Sundays, 5:00 p.m., MFC 2nd floor

Entertainment covers drama, music, film, art and other media on campus. The section also covers entertainment and pop culture locally, nationally and internationally in ways that pertain to Northwestern students.

Entertainment stories can be out of the box, unorthodox and experimental; use multimedia whenever possible; and, above all, aim to entertain the reader.


Section meetings: Sundays, 4:30 p.m., MFC 2nd floor

Politics aims to cover politics at a national level with an emphasis on the implications these decisions have for Northwestern students, local politics in the greater Chicagoland area and student activism on campus.

By informing Northwestern students, but also engaging them in political dialogue and encouraging political efficacy, this section hopes to foster community and campus political involvement among students.


Section meetings: Sundays, 5:30 p.m., MFC 2nd floor

North by Northwestern’s interactive section aims to engage readers by creatively displaying quantitative information, efficiently visualizing indefinite ideas, and selectively highlighting the best of multimedia.

We strive to include all in the process of creation – regardless of base coding knowledge, and maintain a critical eye when deciding which stories may benefit from interactivity.


Jesus Campos

Alejandra Fernandez

The mission of the North by Northwestern video section has have two parts: to create relevant, interesting and informative video stories for the Northwestern community; and to create a close-knit learning environment where students from every different range of experience can learn from each other and develop a love for video journalism.