In Photos: Students celebrate Valentine's Day with crafts and cupcakes
  • Students wait in line to decorate their cupcakes.
  • Chloe Butler-Jones says, "Who can resist a free cupcake?"
  • Shannon Campbell collects ceramics from students who have come to the event.
  • Finished Hearts wait to be glazed and fired.
  • Bethany Shieh decorates a ceraminc heart with her friends.
  • Aya Eid decides on the perfect toppings.
Photos by Alexis Lanza / North by Northwestern

Photos, cupcakes and hearts, oh my! Norris hosted a Love Cafe Thursday in anticipation of Valentine’s day. The event included a decorate-your-own-cupcake bar, a giant pink blow-up chair for photo booth style pictures and art stations where students had the opportunity to paint their own heart-shaped ceramic dish. ARTica staff worked the event.

“We did a big promo push on Facebook, so I expected this [turnout], and it’s a lot of work, but I’m happy with what’s come out,” says Ajoni Hopkins, a Weinberg senior who has been working in ARTica for the past four years.


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