“That’s the power of theater, is that you come for entertainment and you get entertainment, but what you also take away, that changes you and affects your life in ways that just normal moments can’t.”


Cynthia Zhang
Good times, come on
The Chinese Year of the Pig, which began Feb. 5, served as the show’s theme.
Wirtz Center
Gals and action figures
Northwestern University’s Virginia Wadsworth Wirtz Center production of Guys and Dolls turns the quintessential musical comedy on its head for a modern twist.
Republic Records
Break up with sweetner, because I'm bored
Grande's new album is truly a thank u, and we can't wait for what comes next.
David Deloso
Super Speedy Shakespeare
At 7:30 p.m. Friday, the cast randomly picked Twelfth Night to perform, and by the same time Saturday, the show was fully cast, rehearsed and staged.
SASA Facebook page
I'll Be There For You
The theme for this year’s SASA Show was “Dosti,” or “Friends.”
Creative Commons
Speak your truth
Helicon Literary and Arts Magazine celebrated its Winter 2019 issue Thursday, Feb. 7 with an open mike at Dittmar Gallery, inviting undergraduates wishing to share an original piece of writing to take the floor.
Creative Commons
Growing Up Bites
The show is directed by Sarah Gitenstein and is a part of the MFA Lab Series.
Ryan Wagner
show me the money
Bid wars erupted on the A&O Productions Facebook page after some students were left without a ticket to A&O's Winter speaker event.
Creative Commons
Trouble in Paradise
...all I can do is feel horrible for the local Bahamian workers who were exploited during the process of creating this awful festival. It’s no longer funny to me.
Justin Curto / North by Northwestern
Go for gold
Caravans of Gold breathes new life into artifacts and a story that otherwise might've died.
“Comedy, rock & roll, improv,” is how technical director Nate Brown describes Mee-Ow.
A&O Productions Facebook event
Thanks Pete, next
Topics covered in Davidson’s set included mental disability, R. Kelly and social media. Davidson never shied away from making offensive jokes throughout the night, often explicitly referencing sex and drugs.
I'm calling the police
This leads me to another reason why this show is important: The main characters are fleshed out in complete and real ways — even the minorities. Shocking, I know.
Northwestern Now
gold standard
Caravans of Gold not only is new to the Block, but also is the first exhibition to showcase the breadth of Saharan trade.
For Members Only
All pull together
Harambee is the first of eight events taking place over the next few weeks to celebrate Black History Month.

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